Vision + Experience

Although it is best to engage our services in the early planning stages of a project, don't hesitate to call us to rescue projects in trouble, ranging from the simplest question to the turnaround of entire companies. We have extensive experience identifying and solving information technology and management problems many companies don't even know about, but that may be their downfall if not corrected. Need talented computer workers? We can find them, and put together a team to get any job done, on time and under budget. We also do technology forecasting and market analysis for high-tech innovations. We can tell you what will work, and what won't, and how to make it work within the resources available to you.

We do documentation and technical writing, from manuals to speeches. Nor are we limited to information technology. We also do legal research, including the writing of legal briefs and articles.

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Some of our Services

Latest developments:

New look for our site

After implementing our sister site in Drupal, we have redone this main site in HTML5, just to demonstrate that sometimes the shoemaker's children do get shoes.

New name for critical field

Many fields of science have long been engaged in the art of extracting information from systems in usable form, but now it is time to make a science of it, and we have given it the new name pynthantics.