How we came to be

The Starflight Corporation was organized in June, 1975. Initially, it was to be a holding company for real estate investments. However, beginning in 1976, it phased out of real estate and into the computer business. The first venture was a computer store in San Antonio, Texas. By 1984 the emergence of large hardware retailers offering computer products near or below what a small computer store could acquire them wholesale, meant the end of the viability of that business model. The result was a change of the business model, to consulting and software development. That has remained the business plan to this day.

In 1988 began the first of many contracts in various parts of the country, which involved moving the headquarters to the location of the main contract at any time. Eventually, that led back to Austin, Texas, in April, 2001.

Since 1994 the Starflight Corporation has also served as a trustee for several organizations and individuals and their trusts.