Jon Roland: Partial Project List

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In-house. Jan 00-present.

Development of web-based training packages in python, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, and MySQL.

Home Depot. Sep 05-Jun 07.

Develop and maintain scores of applications. Main application was a home heating and air conditioning sales, installation, and maintenance ERP package in Progress 4GL v. 8, with partial transition to v. 10: SX.enterprise, Trend, and NxTrend. Also interfaces and data conversion, and communication utilities in C, support applications in PHP, and web interfaces in Java and Ajax.

American Land Foundation. Oct-Nov 02.

Develop web site, convert files from various formats, design HTML pages.

ITT Technical institute. 2002.

Teaching a course on Linux operating system.

Dell Computer. Jan-Mar 02.

Tech support, analysis and design of tech support tools and procedures. Win 2000 & XP, networking, troubleshooting, dispatch, web page design, call center & help desk management methods.

Various short-term database and web projects, Jan 97-Apr 01.

Mostly in Progress 4GL, SQL, and other database tools, including some in Mfg/Pro. Use of HTML, Java, python, PHP, and Javascript on numerous websites.

State of Nevada. Nov 99-Jan 00, Nov 00-Dec 00.

Conversion of a non-Y2K- compliant immunization management system called Acclaim, written in Progress V7, on a Novell Netware network, to one written in Visual Basic on MS SQL Server V7, on a MS NT 4.0 network, and using Java, Python, Linux, Data Junction, Harvard Graphics, and Adobe Acrobat. Returned for further conversion work using Java, Visual Basic, SQL 7, and a product called Data Junction.

Various Y2K review projects. Oct 97-Jun 98, Jul 98-Jan 00.

Examined Y2K compliance efforts of more than 16 firms (who must remain anonymous), using various platforms and languages, seeking overlooked problems.

Siemens Rolm. Jun 98-Jul 98.

Database engineering. Implemented e-commerce application on IBM RS/6000 AIX platform using Progress WebSpeed. Upgraded Astea Dispatch-1 application from Progress V7.3 to V8.2. Developed sysadm apps in Python and Expect. Trained staff.

Video Products Distributors. Dec 96-Sep 97.

Converted complete accounting package in COBOL on a DEC VMS host to a package called FDM4 in Progress V8 on a DEC Alpha Unix host. Data conversion programming using Progress, DCL, Korn shell, C, and perl. Enhancements to Progress FDM4 package. System integration and admin of Unix host and PC network on it. Set up internal Web server.

Novell, Inc. Jul-Aug 96

Tool selection and design for a Web-capable Beta Testing Management System, using Java on a Novell network and the Novell Web Server. Recommended Progress® Webspeed product, in beta at the time.

The Money Store. Feb-May 96.

Did conversion from a loan management package in xBase to a client-server system named UniFi written in Progress 4GL V7, running on PC clients and a DG/UX host.

Hamilton Standard. Sep 95-Nov 95.

Developed quality control sidecar applications in Progress® V7 to support a JD Edwards system running on an AS/400 dataserver, with PC Windows clients.

Unified Building Sciences. Jun-Jul 95.

Did study, comparing suitability of Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Novell Paradox and Appware, Microsoft Access, Lotus Approach, Powerbuilder, Visual FoxPro, and other database development tools for planned client project, demonstrating strengths and weaknesses of each, used with C++ and various database engines.

American Eurocopter. Nov 94-Feb 95.

Downsizing from an Amdahl mainframe running Cullinet to a Data General Unix host with PC clients of a wholesale/retail/manufacturing package to WDS package written in Progress® V7, involving data conversion and extensive customization.

The HON Company. May-Oct 94.

Developed inside sales management application in Progress® V7 and C on Banyan Vines LAN of MS-Windows client workstations with Unix server/gateway to Unisys A-series mainframe.

Inn-Syst. Jun 90-Jan 92, Jul 93-Apr 94.

Project leader and main programmer for development of hotel property management system in Progress® V6 on 486 systems under SCO Unix/386 ODT. Product acclaimed by industry experts.

Sun Microsystems. May 92-Dec 92, Sep 93.

Programmer and DBA for Catalyst project, written in Progress® V6 on Sun Sparc systems running SunOS 4.1.2 and Solaris, managing ISV sales and product catalog. Coded data transfers from SunSoft to SMCC versions. Assisted with QAD MFG/PRO enhancements.

Syntex (Syva). Apr-May 93.

Developed enhancements to Astea Dispatch One field support package, written in Progress® V6, with utilities in Korn shell, running on HP 9000.

Pacific Gas & Electric. Part-time Nov, Dec 90, Jan 91.

Solved various problems for large system running application written in Progress® on a Banyan Vines Token-Ring LAN, involving every aspect of the hardware, operating system, language, and application.

IBM Corporation. Dec 89-Feb 90.

Enhanced application for control of manufacture of hard disks, involving programming in C under PC-DOS, with use of EZ-VU II, and under OS/2 EE 1.1, and in SQL/DS under VM/SP over a Token-Ring gateway to IBM mainframe.

Arix Corporation. Nov-Dec 1989.

Modified their Resource Tracking System package and modified own Task Management Package, both written in Progress® 4GL, running under Unix V.3.

Hunter Systems. Oct 1989.

Set up an NFS LAN consisting of two Sun 3/80s, an Arix 825, a Sony NEWS, and a Compaq 386/25, all running Unix V.3, installed and tested their XDOS product on it, doing binary cross-compilations of several MS-DOS packages onto the various machines under Unix.

Acer America (then Altos Computer Systems). Mar-Apr 1989.

Modified a work-order processing application for the MIS Department using Informix, C, and Unix shell scripts. Solved several systems administration and kernel problems involving system performance, data corruption, version control, security, and backup.