Computer Products

  1. Illustra — Object/relational DBMS that works with Web servers.
  2. Concordance — Full-text DBMS that works with Web browsers.
  3. Crystal Reports — Report writer that generates reports as HTML pages, integrates with CGI programs.
  4. Dataware Internet Server — Gateway allowing Web browsers search BRS/Search full-text DBMS.
  5. ObjectStore — Object Design's object-oriented DBMS that can be integrated with other DBMSs, to provide links between graphics and data.
  6. Z-Mail — Z-Code's email package for Unix and DOS/ Windows systems.
  7. Eudora — Qualcomm's email package for MS Windows systems.
  8. Faximum — Fax package for Unix systems.
  9. JAM — JYACC's GUI user-interface management system.
  10. DigiPhone — Third Planet's answer to long-distance voice calls over the Internet. Supports encryption. Upgrade will support conferencing.
  11. WebPhone — Aka WebTalk. Quarterdeck's answer to long-distance voice calls over the Internet.
  12. Internet Phone — Vocaltec's answer to long-distance voice calls over the Internet.
  13. RSA — The vendor of the most prominent public-key encryption methods.


  1. Internet World — Magazine for Internet users.
  2. Wired — Magazine for Internet users.
  3. Web Developer — Magazine for Internet developers.
  4. The Net — Magazine for Internet users.
  5. Boardwatch Magazine — Guide for Internet, WWW and BBS users.
  6. NetGuide — Magazine for Internet users.
  7. I-Way — Magazine for Internet users.
  8. Internet Underground — Magazine for Internet users. Emphasizes controversy.
  9. ZD Internet Life — Magazine for Internet users.
  10. Website — Magazine for Web users.
  11. Online — Magazine on information search tools.
  12. Online Access — Magazine for Internet users.
  13. .net Magazine — British magazine for Internet users.
  14. Cybersurfer — Magazine for Internet users. Emphasizes entertainment.
  15. Multimedia Online — AOL's magazine for Internet users.
  16. DBMS — Magazine on database and client/server solutions.
  17. Open Systems — Formerly Unix World. Magazine for Unix users.
  18. Unix Review — Magazine for Unix users.
  19. Software Development — Magazine on software development tools.
  20. Dr. Dobb's Journal — Magazine on software development methods.


  1. InterNIC — Internet Network Information Center, which registers Internet domain names.
  2. The Internet Society — Association for Internet experts and users.
  3. Uniforum — Association of Unix experts and users.
  4. Starting Point — Internet directory service.