Selected Non-fiction Published Writings

A more complete list is available on request.

  1. "The Disturbing Implications of World Dynamics", The Futurist, Mar 1971. Review of the book and discussion of its methodology and the Limits to Growth computer model.

  2. "The Microelectronic Revolution", The Futurist, Apr 1979. Forecast of future developments in microelectronics.

  3. "The Effects of Microelectronics", EDN, Oct 1981. Co-recipient of 1981 Jesse H Neal award for best subject analysis.

  4. "Unix Database Management Systems", Unix Review. Part 1 Dec/Jan 1983, Part 2 Feb/Mar 1984, Part 3 Apr/May 1984. Introduction to database theory and review and analysis of various available products.

  5. "AI, Unix and C", Unix/World, Summer 1984. Article on the emerging dominance of the Unix operating system and C language for AI products and research.

  6. "Nial Currents", Computer Language, Sep 1985. Article on the Nial language.

  7. "Software Metrics", Computer Language, Jun 1986. Article on measuring software quality and programmer productivity.

  8. "C on the Horizon", AI Expert, Apr 1987. Article on the emerging dominance of C for AI products and research.

  9. "LISP PC Products", Computer Language, Jul 1987. With Julia Hodges and Richard Parke. Review of LISP products for small systems.

  10. "SQL: Bane or Boon", Computerworld, Jun 13, 1988. Took the bane (con) position against Richard Finkelstein, who took the boon (pro), in a debate format.

  11. "Molecular Machines", Computerworld, Sep 19, 1988. Article on coming molecular logic devices (MLDs) and programmable molecular effectors (PMEs).

  12. "JAM", Unix/World, Jun 1989. Review of this user interface management system from JYACC, Inc.

  13. "Data Junction", Unix/World, Jul 1989. Review of this data entry and conversion utility from Tools & Techniques, Inc.

  14. "Nanotechnology: The Promise and Peril of Ultratiny Machines", The Futurist, Mar-Apr 1991. Discussion of the use of nanotechnology to build molecular logic devices, among other things.

Selected Lectures and Public Appearances

  1. 1985 Uniforum conference in Dallas. Chairman of panel on Database Management, and speaker on panel on "Tomorrow's Products", topics of which included enhancements to Unix (later realized at Carnegie-Mellon as Mach), and molecular logic devices.