Favorite Links

  1. PGP: Pretty Good Privacy Public Key Cryptosystem Version 2.6.3i, at the Mantis Site.
  2. The List -- National directory of Internet providers. Find the providers near you.
  3. Freeware Central -- Executables, sources, and links to all kinds of useful software you don't have to pay for.
  4. McAfee -- Offer virus-protection software, useful in protecting our computers from dirty tricksters.
  5. DejaNews -- Searchable archive of Usenet newsgroup postings. In case you want to get everything someone posted on every newsgroup, you can find it here.
  6. Informus -- Obtain all known public background information on anyone. Fee required. See what is on record about you.
  7. WhoWhere -- National directory of people and companies, including their email addresses, by name, city, state, company name, and type of business.
  8. Switchboard -- Nationwide U.S. directory of residential and business phones and addresses.
  9. BigBook -- A searchable directory of phone numbers and addresses.
  10. Central Source Directory Sources -- A searchable directory of phone numbers and addresses.
  11. World Yellow Pages NETwork -- Includes a reverse-search by phone number.
  12. Internet 800 Directory -- Find 800 numbers in the U.S. and Canada.
  13. USPS ZIP+4 Directory -- Allows you to verify ZIP codes and save money on bulk mailings.
  14. Anonymous Surfing -- By first visiting this site, and then accessing other Web, gopher, or ftp sites or newsgroups, you can conceal your identity from the places you visit. However, it won't let you send email or post to newsgroups anonymously.