Recruit for Starflight

Know someone with a need for computer expertise? Want to earn some extra money? Then broker a computer contract between the client and us. We pay a range of commissions, based on the amount collected, at a rate that depends on how much you contribute to the transaction.

Commission Schedule
Rate Description
5% For referring the client
5% For presenting the consultant
5% For closing the contract
5% For collecting and distributing the money

Therefore, if you do all four, you can earn 20%. But remember, if you collect and distribute the money, you become the contractor, and Starflight is the subcontractor. The Consulting Contract is then between Starflight and you as Client, with the party receiving the services being your Sub-client. Under this arrangement, you are liable to Starflight for payment even if you don't collect.

If Starflight bills the client directly, we normally use split-billing, in which we direct the client pay our respective shares to us and you directly. Under this arrangement, the client is responsible to each of us directly, and we are not liable to one another.

Sorry, but this offer does not extend to agents or employees of the client firm. Conflict of interest.

You can make a lot of money recruiting. You might even decide to make it a full-time job. If you do, we can give you a few pointers that will help you be successful. We may be consultants, but we know the recruiting field, as well. We do it ourselves if we need more people for a project, either directly or through other recruiting brokers.

Looking for work?

You can get help from our archive of broker/recruiter WWW sites and email addresses, and we even have a Unix shell script to email your resume to the list.. Most of them also recruit for non-computer-related jobs. All we ask is that you tell them we referred you. Click on the animated GIF image: