1. Written contract permitting action directly against client in case of non-payment. We have our own contract in HTML, Text, Zipped WordPerfect, or MS Word, but will consider others. Relationship is corp-to-corp, not 1099 or W-2.
  2. Schedule of work allowing associate to bill at least 40 hours a week from some combination of clients. Will not accept schedule for less than 40 hours a week under circumstances that would prevent making up the difference doing work for other clients.
  3. No upper limit on number of billable hours per week if the work can be done sooner.
  4. Payment within two weeks of each weekly invoice.
  5. Relocation — If the contract involves relocation of an associate from his present location, we require the following:
    1. Guaranteed minimum of 500 billable hours project total.
    2. Guaranteed minimum of 40 billable hours per week.
    3. Advance for relocation of $3500.00, to be repaid out of the invoices beginning with the sixth week of work.

    These requirements are to protect us from spending what it costs to relocate (typically about $3000.00), only to have the project get cancelled on us within a short time after getting there. We expect the client or the broker to bear this risk.
  6. Rates. We do not quote rates in initial contacts since this resume goes out to both brokers, who pay a net after taking out their commission, and prospective direct clients. However, our rates are typical for programming experts. We will discuss it with you after you identify yourself as a broker or client. Rates are also affected by several factors:
    1. Value to client.
    2. Expected duration of contract. We can reduce our rates for longer contracts.
    3. Likelihood of getting other work in the area, during or after the main contract.
    4. Tools to be used. We may reduce our fees to get to use better tools.